competency - based education booster

Prolong life cycleIncreases the likelihood of prolonging the effective phase of an employee’s life cycle
Huge time savingsDramatically decrease the time consumption of data evaluation for education management
Increase efficiencyHelps to reduce inefficient spendings on employees education
Boost competency levelAccelerates the achievement of the required competencies level
API integrationsFully customizable tool with other systems integration capability via API

The competency model can be composed according to the needs, settings and structure of competencies in your organization. Individual stages can be freely combined.

competency model structure

Adjust evaluation weights up to the level of competence detail with “fail all” option

Both the supervisor and the subordinate perform their own testing independently using the “slider” on the rating bar
For each competency detail there is an option to insert notes that can be edited later.
Results are displayed including any comments. To complete the evaluation, leader and employee consensually set the result.
Results can be recalled whenever it is necessary to perform any kind of (re) evaluation with the employee.


Work with necessary data to manage effectively you employees development.

There is no excuse for assumptions or subjective opinion.

Data driven education development is a key to prolong effective phase of employee life cycle.

Smart and detailed view to  evaluation results and proposed educational areas
Unlimited filter features for necessary granularity of the view of the data
Easier clustering of employees with the same or similar development activities
API allowing data transfer to other reporting systems in the company
Results are displayed both in absolute evaluation values and after recalculation of weights
Audit semaphore graphical results display for faster identification of the reached competency level
Basic evaluation scale set at milestones of 0-30, 30-70, 70-100
Based on the evaluation results, the education manager assigns fully editable “tags” with the proposed educational areas


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